We constantly hear about plant medicine clinics churning through patients and handing out scripts without providing adequate patient care.

Changing clinics can be costly. The team at Ananda is taking a stand against substandard care by making it affordable to switch.

We’re now offering a clinic transfer consult for $99 – in clinic or telehealth for those with a discharge letter.

To book a clinic transfer appointment you can call the clinic on (02) 5624 5024 or book online.

For online bookings:
– Click on the Book Now button above
– Select clinic or Telehealth
– Choose doctor and select ‘New Patient’
– Here you will have the option to select ‘Clinic Transfer’


Unsure if this applies to you? Call the clinic and ask to speak with one of our nurses if you have any questions before booking – nurse chats are free.

DISCLAIMER: The Ananda Clinics blog is here to provide education and information, without implying medical advice, or recommendation for the use of cannabis as medicine or adult use purposes.

Medical cannabis remains strictly regulated by the Australian TGA as it is not a registered therapeutic agent due to the lack of research and evidence in support of its efficacy or potential side effects.

If you think medical cannabis may be right for you, book an appointment with one of our doctors to find out more.