Appointments with a General Practitioner as an in-person consultation or follow-up appointment for the purpose of medicinal cannabis are covered under Medicare and receive a partial rebate.

How it works

Cost & Medicare rebate

Medicare rebate

Medicare provides a partial rebate for in-clinic appointments, not telehealth (unless it is a follow up and your first appointment was in-clinic).

Private health funds

Some private health funds now cover medicinal cannabis consultations and prescriptions. Check with your provider today.


In Clinic appointments attract a medicare rebate
Telehealth appointments do not attract a rebate

Service You pay (after rebate) Medicare
In clinic appointments      
Initial Consult, long consult $120.30 $79.70 $200
Follow up, 15min $58.50 $41.20 $100
Telehealth appointments      
Initial Consult, long consult $160 n/a $160
Follow up, 15 min $80 n/a $80
Follow up, 15 min
if initial consult was in-clinic
$58.50 $41.20 $100

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