Our approach

The Ananda Way

The Ananda Way is founded on the understanding that human health and vitality is the result of returning the body to a natural state of balance, known as homeostasis. Ananda Clinics targets this precise balance by activating and regulating the body’s endocannabinoid system with natural medicine.

By consistently returning to cutting-edge science and drawing upon experience from thousands of patients, The Ananda Way delivers a treatment pathway that is reliably safe, ethical and medically supervised to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

Our principles

The Ananda Way is delivered by qualified General Practitioners and Registered Nurses at Ananda Clinics, combining treatment with education, to increase the well-being of our greater community.

It Starts with You

The Endocannabinoid System is a biological system within your body that regulates critical functions like sleep, body temperature, pain control, immune function, inflammatory responses, learning, memory, emotional processing.

Treatment plans are unique to each patient’s symptoms, needs and desired outcomes. Each plan is carefully monitored and adjusted to help improve balance and well-being.

Science Based

Cutting-edge science informs every touchpoint of Ananda Clinics, from our evidence-based approach to medicine, to our safe, medically supported treatment plans.

Expert Advice

With thousands of patients treated, Ananda Clinics brings a depth of experience and wealth of knowledge to every appointment. Each practitioner relies on their expert understanding of patient conditions, treatment options, and the most effective medical solutions.

Ethically Led

We are elevating industry standards with the safe, ethical application of plant based medicines through well-practised methodologies and exemplary compliance to Australian regulations.

High Quality

Ananda Clinics considers the highest quality of patient care by supporting only ethical, therapeutic, and scientific producers of the medicines prescribed with a focus on licensing, quality, and legislative compliance. Ananda works exclusively with high quality, research based suppliers who grow their own medicine.

Our Community

Ananda Clinics’ purpose is to increase the well-being of our patients and our community by staying up-to-date with critical studies, emerging research and breakthrough information enabling individuals to access high quality care, and make informed decisions about their health.

The patient Journey

1. Book

Booking is fast and easy. It involves a short pre-consult screening to save you time down the track in case you’re not eligible for Medical cannabis. If you are, you can book on the spot.

2. Consult

Meet with your doctor and nurse to discuss your condition, medical history and to discover if plant-based medicines may be impactful for you.

3. Prescribe

With a script for medical cannabis, patients can choose to fill their script online, delivering direct to their home, or with one of Ananda Clinics partner Pharmacies across Australia.

4. Monitor

Patient support extends past the first script, carefully monitoring symptoms, improvements, and feelings of well-being or otherwise through regular follow ups and communication.

5. Adjust

As a results focused practice, your prescription will be monitored and adjusted as needed, until optimal results are found.

6. Follow up

Ananda Clinics recommends a follow-up appointment at 1 month + 3 months after your initial appointment until the right balance with your medication is found.

The clinic in numbers

Years since opening

The endocannabinoid system (ECS)

Ananda Clinics’ treatment plans target the body’s imbalances by stimulating the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help relieve some symptoms associated with chronic illness, inflammation, imbalances and disturbances in the mind and body.