As many of you are aware Ananda Clinics works with a small, hand picked group of medicine producers to offer our patients only the highest quality, Australian grown medicines from ethical suppliers. Another important criteria we require is that the companies we work with participate in university level research that will help the industry grow, address the stigma, and ultimately increase access to medical cannabis for those it may help.

One of the companies on our preferred list is currently involved with a research study, to investigate the quality of life, health and economic impact of medicinal cannabis on patients with chronic disease.

At Ananda Clinics, we aim to increase the well-being of our patients and our community by staying up-to-date with critical studies, emerging research and breakthrough information. We’re always excited to see new research in the field such as the Global QUEST initiative.

The QUality of life Evaluation STudy (Global QUEST Initiative), conducted by researchers at Curtin University, aims to be the world’s largest longitudinal clinical study investigating the quality of life, health and economic impact of medicinal cannabis on patients with chronic disease.

Patients accessing medicinal cannabis generally have a range of conditions and symptoms that impact their quality of life. This clinical study sets out to better understand and measure how these conditions and symptoms affect patients’ quality of life over time, as well as any ‘out of pocket’ costs, while they are accessing medicinal cannabis as a treatment option.

The results from this study will help future patients to understand the potential impact of medicinal cannabis on their overall quality of life.

You may be eligible to participate if you:


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DISCLAIMER: The Ananda Clinics blog is here to provide education and information, without implying medical advice, or recommendation for the use of cannabis as medicine or adult use purposes.

Medical cannabis remains strictly regulated by the Australian TGA as it is not a registered therapeutic agent due to the lack of research and evidence in support of its efficacy or potential side effects.

If you think medical cannabis may be right for you, book an appointment with one of our doctors to find out more.

Author: Ananda Clinics
Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Jamie Rickcord MBBS., BSc., FRACGP